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Walkthrough: The Guild Ruins

The Guild Ruins is a small set of catacombs beneath the Digger's Guild on Nino Island. There's no boss to speak of and little opposition, so your trip will probably be a short one. The ruins are optional, but they require no license to get in. The Reaverbots, however, are mostly random, so I won't be providing any strategy on how to defeat them. Bring the Drill Arm.

When you first get into the ruins, there'll be two doors: one on the west wall and one in the east. Start out with west.
You may encounter a Blowfish Reaverbot in the halls. They float along silently, until they see you, in which case they inflate to more than three times their original size and fly at you. Stay out of their way when this happens. When inflated, they're only vulnerable from the front.
When the path forks north, go north and drill down the wall there.
In the north room, you'll find a chest with 6,000 zenny inside. Go back to the fork and head east.
In this room, you may find a Miroc, which are small bird-like Reaverbots that run away and yield a lot of zenny. Don't let it get away, if possible. Anyway, keep following the path until you find another fork. Go east.
Drill through the wall here, and behind it, you'll find 12,000 zenny. Back at the fork, go west and you'll get back to the entrance. Told you the ruins were small. :)

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