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Walkthrough: Siege on Nino Island, Part I

MegaMan and Roll were shot down upon reaching Nino Island because they were mistaken for the pirates that have been attacking the island lately. It seems that Glyde and his legion of Birdbots have been periodically trying to force their way through Nino's forces. The guildmaster has locked down the Nino Ruins, so if MegaMan has any hopes of getting the second key, he'll have to drive off Glyde's muscle first.

Back in the Digger's Guild, go through the door inside and talk to Johnny and the guildmaster.
It seems Glyde's army of Birdbots have chosen this moment to attack.
Go back up the elevator and talk to Roll. Equip the Buster Cannon. Save your game, then go out the door marked with a '1'.
You'll be out on a huge deck. The deck has defenses of its own, but for the most part, you'll have to do all the hard stuff.
Your goal is to keep the Birdbots from destroying those crates. 'Cause if they do, they then begin blasting at the door, and after so long...well, they get through, and that means game over.
Start out by blasting the crap out of all those Birdbots before they get to the crates. Always destroy the Birdbots before you worry about anything else.
Carriers will bring Birdbots onto the battlefield. Use your Buster Cannon to take them down. If possible, destroy them before they ever get to the platform, so they drop the Birdbots into the ocean. Keep blasting at the carriers and Birdbots, making sure to check the gate every few seconds.
Eventually, Roll will tell you to pull the lever on the gate to unleash the big guns. Use a crate if you need to, but otherwise jump onto the lever next to the gate you've been protecting. MegaMan will grab onto it as if it was a ledge and pull it down.
If the gates are broken through at any point during the siege on Nino Island, the guildmaster will initiate self-destruct, and it's an automatic game over.
Talk to Data, recharge, and save. Go through the door with the red light above it. This battle is similar to the last. Use the Buster Cannon freely to take out the carriers.
Birdbot ships have also been added to the mix. It's hard to hit them, so use Buster Cannon shots. They shoot at you sometimes, but they will mostly try to land to deploy Birdbots. Always protect the gate!
Eventually, the cannon will come into working order and blow up the remainder of the enemies.

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