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Walkthrough: Siege on Nino Island, Part III

It seems that Glyde's lost faith in his Birdbots. Now, he's going after Nino himself, and if you can stop him, you'll finally gain access to the ruins.

Start out by talking to Johnny and the guildmaster right outside the Flutter.
It seems Glyde is taking matters into his own hands--he's attacking Nino Island with the mother ship! Go to the main platform.
Take the elevator up into the storage room to find Roll working on the Parabola gun that has the potential to take Glyde out. It seems she finished repairs just in time! You both are lifted onto the roof.
...only for the Parabola to break down again. Looks like you'll have to protect it while Roll fixes it again.
You can't attack the mother ship directly. All you can do is lock onto the incoming missiles and blast away.
If at any point the Parabola catches on fire, you'll have to either put it out with the Aqua Blaster or deal with having to protect it for even longer. If needed, you may even want to take hits from the missile instead of the Parabola.
After only a couple of minutes, Roll gets the Parabola running, and the Birdbots will destroy the mother ship themselves. Congrats! Glyde's (finally) a goner!
Now, go back to the guildmaster's office. He'll finally open the ruins! Not only that, but he'll give you the Rebreather, which allows MegaMan to breathe underwater. That'll come in handy soon. Also, talk to Johnny to get the Firecracker. At the Junk Shop, buy a Joint Plug. Also, make sure you have at least seventeen Extra Packs, seven Medicine Packs, and a Hyper Cartridge. Get anything else you haven't gotten from the shops, then head back to the Flutter. Grab a Picnic Lunch.
In the development room, equip the Drill Arm. Then, make Hydrojets out of the Aqua Chip and an Adapter Plug out of the Joint Plug. Combine the Rusty Bazooka and Firecracker to make the Hyper Shell.
Back in the city, go through the blue door and give the Cute Piggy to the girl there.
Go find Data and save, and reserve at least an hour of gameplay to get to the next save point. By now, you've probably noticed the gaping hole in the middle of the city. Jump down it to get into the Nino Ruins.

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