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Walkthrough: The Nino Ruins, Part I

Now that you've (finally) disposed of Glyde and his Birdbots, the guildmaster has granted MegaMan entry to the ruins, where the second key to the Mother Lode is said to be hidden. However, it seems that Klaymoor, one of the pirates, is lurking in the ruins, too...Be sure to bring the Drill Arm, a full Energy Canteen and Medicine Bottle, a Picnic Lunch, and Hydrojets, as well as around an hour of gameplay.

You'll be in a large, open room. Skate to the north exit.
Use the elevator to go down a floor and then through the south door.
You'll come into another open room with Green Gurugurus inside. Defeat them just like a regular Guruguru. Exit stage south.
You'll come to a square-shaped hallway. There might be a Blowfish Reaverbot in here, so watch out. However, there are definitely Green Gurugurus. When ready, go through the east door.
You'll come out in a huge room with a platform below the ledge. You may notice holes all around the walls. These holes often hold treasure or an optional door. Don't drop down; equip the Jet Skates and skate off the ledge to the left (north) and land in the hole.
If you land successfully, aim to your left again and skate to the closest hole on the east wall.
You'll find a chest with 2,500 zenny in this hole.
Now, skate off the very corner of the ledge to the south, and turn in midair so you land in the southeast hole. Go through the door there.
As you go down the hall, you'll find a crumbling wall--drill it away. Go through the north door past that.
You'll be in a small room with a chest that contains 12,500 zenny.
Head back to the large room with all the holes and ledges, then drop to the ground. Go through the south door.
You'll be in a hallway with several Mine Reaverbots and maybe even some Green Gurugurus to welcome you.
When you reach the south wall, head west and drill through the wall there, then go through the door.
When you get to the northeast area of this hallway, step on the button. A gate will trap you inside, and several Mirumijee Reaverbots will attack. If they touch you, they'll inflict the Rot status, which prevents you from firing and drains your special weapon energy, so avoid that at all costs. If you get hit, quickly switch to the Lifter.
Once they're all gone, the gate will begin rising back up, and you can take the 5,000 zenny from the nearby chest.
Still in the same hall, go through the west door. There'll be a chest with the Mechanic Notes 3 inside. Head back through the two east doors into the previous hall.
You may notice an extremely tall wall here. You can't get over it yet, so for now, go through the southeast door and use the elevator.
You'll be in a room with a control panel. Use the panel to flood the ruins. Now that they're full of water, it's a whole different quest...head back down the elevator.

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