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Walkthrough: Kito Caverns

Like the rest of the optional ruins, the Kito Caverns have a mostly randomized set of Reaverbots, so I won't be providing much information on enemy resilience here. You need the Class A Digger's License to get in.

Before leaving for the ruins, talk to Shu and give her the Pencil, Textbook, and Notes. She'll use them to educate Appo and Dah, and you'll get letters from them later. Head back to the plains.
In the second set of plains, head for the northwest corner. You should find a small building. You need the Class A Digger's License to get in. If you do, head on through the door!
First, head south as far as you can, then east through the black door.
You'll come to a room with four exits. Use the south one first.
Follow the hall to the end to find a crack in the wall. Examine it for 3,000 zenny. Go back to the four-way intersection.
Head north through the door. Follow this hall to its end to find another crack with 3,000 zenny. Back to the four-way intersection.
Go east. Follow the hall to its end. You'll come to a room with two cracks in the wall. They contain 5,000 zenny and 8,000 zenny.
Use the elevator to go down to a small room with three outcroppings.
The three chests in this room contain 3,000 zenny, a Sniper Unit, and 5,000 zenny. Use the elevator to go back up, and head northeast.
At the four-way intersection past the hall, if you head north, you'll find empty or otherwise cracks in the wall.
However, there's also a chest with a Rusty Bazooka inside. At the four-way intersection, go south (there's nothing to the east) and through the hall.
Boss time! Two Large-Sized Sharukurusus. These guys are meaner, bigger, and deadlier than the Sharukurusus you fought in the Digger's Tests. However, they behave the same.
So circle and shoot and jump when one of them comes at you. Their only attack is to charge at you and lunge, so as long as you stay on the move, you're safe.
Search the two cracks in the walls for 12,000 zenny and 7,500 zenny.
Head east to find the refractor chamber. Take Refractor A. You're done here! Head back to the Flutter and sell that baby next time you get a chance.
Before continuing, go back to the Yosyonke Post Office and talk to the postman inside for Servbot Letter 1!

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