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Walkthrough: Elysium Defense Area

This is the final dungeon, so you can bet it's a doozy.

Equip the Power Raiser OMEGA, Upgrade Pack OMEGA, and Rapid Fire OMEGA. Equip the Jet Skates, Kevlar Armor OMEGA, Padded Helmet OMEGA, and Shining Laser. Make sure you have forty Energy Packs and twenty Medicine Packs. Bring a Picnic Lunch. Once you're at the Shuttle Bay, use the elevator to descend into the Defense Area. Yuna will be your spotter here.
In this hall, there is a Reaverbot that blocks the door. Its attacks by throwing four rings at you. When it throws them, lock onto them and blast them away. When all four are gone, the Reaverbot will be destroyed. Head south.
The floor panels in this room seem suspicious, but you can't do anything with them yet. Head south.
As you run through this hall, you may notice some Red Zakobons. They can inflict fire damage, so avoid them if possible. They are being dropped by a Reaverbot Carrier. Anyway, when you pass through the pink bars, the gravity will be increased dramatically. Head north back into the previous room.
Stand on the floor panels, and they'll break. There are two chests down here, containing an Energizer Pack OMEGA and 40,000 zenny. Now examine the super computer on the wall. There are several of these in Elysium. You can download information and change the gravity. Decrease the gravity, then jump out and go back into the south hall.
Near the end of the hall, you'll find the Reaverbot Carrier that's been dropping those Red Zakobons. Blast it to smithereens, then continue on.
In this room, there are several traps--including Leech Reaverbots and floor panels that will paralyze you. Stay on the outer edge of the room and take out all the Gurugurus to unlock the doors.
If you feel like it, head east. There's another console here. Use it to download more information and decrease the gravity if you like, then head west in the previous room.
This room is just like the previous one, except that the floor panels inflict rot. If for some reason you step on them, switch to the Lifter to avoid losing all your special weapon energy. Once the Reaverbots are toast, head south.
As you go through this hall, you'll pass through another gravity field. Continue east into a square-shaped hall. Use the east door.
You'll be in a room with two Spider Reaverbots. They can take a LOT of punishment, but their only attack is to shoot red bubbles at you. When they're finished, head east.
In this small room, download more information from the console and lower the gravity again. Then, download item data from the control panel. Head west into the previous room.
Unfortunately, Spider Reaverbots regenerate each time you leave the room. And when the gravity's decreased, they can climb on the ceiling and drop bombs from above. You can, however, shot them down from the ceiling. If you keep up the damage, they won't be able to jump back up. Circle-and-shoot works wonders here.
When one of the Spiders drops a bomb, jump into the air to avoid the blast radius.
When the two Reaverbots are history, head west back into the square-shaped hall. Making sure not to pass through any gravity fields, head through the south door and through the short hallway.
There are tall, white glass towers in this small room. In one of them is a treasure chest. Since the gravity is low, you can jump into a tower and claim the Booster Pack OMEGA.
Continue west into another console room. Beware of Leech Reaverbots, then use the console to download information. Head back to the square-shaped hall.
Head east in the hall and through the north door, making sure not to pass through any gravity fields. As you head north in the hall, beware of Red Tall Shield Reaverbots and take the elevator down.
Head south into another trap room. This time, the floor has lava pools in it. Destroy the Reaverbots and go south. Head west in this hall, then west once more.
Head west in this hall, then west once more.
In this room, there is a Blue Reaverbot Carrier in each corner that drops Red Zakobons. This room is one of the best ways to make zenny. For more, see the secrets section. Once they're all gone, head west.
A treasure chest in the room contains a Sniper Unit OMEGA. The other chest is a Mimic.
Go to the circular room with an intersection and through the north door. The door at the end of the hall is locked, so go through the door on the west wall instead.
There are two Spider Reaverbots in here that you'll have to destroy.
Once you've taken them down, the door in the hall will unlock, so use it. Just beware that you'll have to pass through a gravity field to do it.
Fall through the weak floor here. There's a chest with 36,000 zenny down there. Download information, then decrease the gravity and jump out of the pit.
Go north. Past this hall, there's another room with more Spider Reaverbots. Head east. There's another glass tower here with a chest inside containing 10,000 zenny. Head east one more time. Download information from the console, decrease the gravity if it isn't already for some reason, and download map data from the control panel. Head back to the room with the weak floor, aware that you'll have to face the Spiders again on the way.
Go through the west door and follow the hall, even though you'll have to pass through a gravity field.
About halfway through, head east. You'll kill two more Spiders before goign east into a room with a chest containing a Giant Refractor. This one is a key item, however, and can't be sold.
At the end of the hall is an elevator will take you to the Residential or Side Area.


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