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Walkthrough: Final Preparations

Before heading off to Elysium, it's wise to take care of any sidequests and loose ends that are left in the game.

First off, you'll want at least a few million zenny. If you want to finish the game with EVERYTHING, then you'll need much more. Remember that the Gold Miroc in the Pokte Caverns is the best way to make cash.
When you've got a buttload of zenny, take the Flutter to Calbania Island and talk to Yuna. Agree to go to Elysium.
Yuna, Gatz, and MegaMan will have a brief conversation on the way to the planet. Note that you'll only be there momentarily to get an item, then you're going back to MegaMan's homeworld.
The Shuttle Bay is a safe haven where Yuna, Gatz, and Data will hang out until further notice.
There's a chest in this dock with a Green Eye inside.
To return to Terra, just talk to Yuna and ask her to take you there.
First off, go to a Junk Shop and buy all the Buster Parts available, as well as any armor. In fact, buy EVERYTHING the store offers. If you're going for completion, buy 99 Energy Packs and Medicine Packs as well.
At the Flutter, have Roll turn the Mechanic Notes 5 into the Laser Manual. Then, combine that with the Green Eye you just got for the Shining Laser, the most powerful special weapon in the game. You should now have all the special weapons. I recommend upgrading the Shining Laser as much as possible. If you're going for completion, upgrade all the weapons as much as possible. Equip the Shining Laser. When you're ready, head back to Elysium.
When you get to the Shuttle Bay, you can ask Data and Yuna questions about MegaMan's past, and they'll gladly answer most of them. Save and recharge with Data.


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