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Walkthrough: Battle with Geetz

Now that all four keys have been assembled, you can bet some serious junk is gonna go down.

Save and recharge with Data, refill your supply of healing items, then head to Bluecher's office. You'll get a cutscene. What'll happen now that all four keys are together?
Not anything good, it seems. Somebody has taken complete control over the Sulphur-Bottom.
When MegaMan arrives at the scene of trouble, he finds Gatz and Geetz fighting. Unfortunately, this is a battle that Gatz can't win.
For most of the fight, Geetz will just circle around the Sulphur-Bottom, just out of reach unless your range is awesome.
You can get in some good damage whenever Geetz swoops over the ship. Just remember to stay locked on at all times so you don't miss any damage opportunities.
Wheen Geetz flashes red, he's going to shoot a straight row of bombs.
At the last second, jump or dodge roll away.
Another of Geetz's attacks is to spray purple energy bullets at you. This attack is easily avoided--just move out of the way in time.
When Geetz rears back, he's going to swoop down at you at full speed.
Take as many potshots as possible as he comes towards you, then dodge roll to avoid the impact.
After you do enough damage, Geetz will shoot down the Bonnes! Only MegaMan is allowed to do that!!!! Keep shooting.
You know you've won when Geetz starts smoking. He'll have to make an emergency landing on the deck. From there, it's incredibly easy.
However, he's not totally defenseless. He still has a flamethrower breath and a tail whip.
If you brought it, slice through Geetz with the Blade Arm like a knife through butter. Otherwise, just shoot him to pieces.


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