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Walkthrough: Elysium Center Area

Keep going--not far now!

The Residential Area is a small chain of islands, each one with one house in it. The only opposition are Red Zakobons. Your goal is to get to the center island, where the Master's home is.
You can get to other islands by walking through rainbow-colored portals as if they were doors. Use the east one on the island you're on, then head through the south portal.
There is a chest here behind a deactivated portal. It contains an Accessry Pack OMEGA. Now use the portals in the following order: north, west, north, north, east, east, south, and east.
There is a chest here with 60,000 zenny inside.
Now take the portals west twice. You'll be on the center island, where the Master's home is.
On the west coast of the island is a mysterious elevator. You can use the Giant Refractor here to activate it. It turns out to be a shortcut to the Shuttle Bay. Use this opportunity to refill your canteens and restock on healing items.
When you come back to the center island, you'll notice that Yellow Slider Reaverbots have taken it over. They're not too much to worry about, so head inside the Master's house.
Data is in here, so recharge and save. Now use the elevator to descend into the next area.
Proceed through the halls, and you'll come to a room where you'll fight the Manda Guardian boss from the Manda Ruins (the giant frog Reaverbot). He fights exactly the same as before, so I'm not going to give any advanced strategies. If you want to remember how to beat any of the bosses in this section, refer to the bosses page.
After the Manda Guardian is gone, head east. A chest in this room has 100,000 zenny inside. Head east into the following hall and take the elevator down a floor.
On this level, you'll fight the Calinca Guardian, the slime blob from the Calinca Ruins. Another rehash.
As you proceed west, you'll cross a cool-looking catwalk. Don't worry about falling off, and go down another level.
Next up are the three Nino Guardians from the Nino Ruins. There's no water, so it's cake.
There's a chest with 150,000 zenny in the next room. Take the elevator down to the next level.
The Saul Kada Guardian, the giant dinosaur from the Saul Kada Ruins, is the last Reaverbot rehash you'll face in Elysium. Remember that standing under it is key. Follow the halls all the way west and to the final elevator.
Proceed through these final halls until you reach the Library, where the four keys have already been inserted. There's nothing you can do about this, so go recharge and save with Data. Before heading through the door, make sure your canteens are full, you have a Picnic Lunch, and hopefully a few other healing items from earlier in the game. Equip the Shining Laser, Jet Skates, Kevlar Armor OMEGA, Padded Helmet, Power Raiser OMEGA, Upgrade Pack OMEGA, and Rapid Fire OMEGA. Go back to Terra if you need to, because on the other side of the door is the final boss and the point of no return.


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