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Walkthrough: The Final Battle

Sera is the only thing that stands between you and victory. She's going down!

Once you're ready, head through the door in the library. Yuna and Gatz will make a long comment. After that, save one more time so you don't have to listen to that every time you boot up the game again, because you're more than likely going to die a few times.
At the opposite end of the room is a massive super computer that you can use to deactivate the Carbon Reinitialization Program.
However, Sera, in some sort of suit that enhances her powers, is predictably there just in time to stop you.
Sera's first attack is to glow a red color and charge at you. Quickly jump or dodge roll to get away from that.
After each attack, Sera will teleport to another part of the room. Keep a sharp eye to find her before she appears.
Sera's next attack is to shoot a row of yellow energy bombs at you. You'll just have to circle around her, jumping as fast as you can, because she'll shoot them in several bursts. Preferably, you should be firing at her the whole time.
Her next attack is to create a row of blue energy crystals, then toss them at you. A long jump at the last moment will get you out of the blasts unscathed.
Sera's final and most annoying attack is to increase the room's gravity. You'll know she's done it when everything's glowing red. She'll then rise into the air and come back down, creating a shockwave. Your jump is limited, so you'll have to jump at the last second to avoid the attack.
Then, start locking onto the crystal bombs she sends around the room before she disappears, as they'll home on to you. She uses this attack the most, and it is by far her most powerful.
Keep shooting at her for pretty much the entire battle, and she'll soon go down.
Unfortunately, like most final bosses, Sera has a second form. The two of you will be transported to a large, glass platform in the middle of the sky, high above Elysium.
Now is the time to break out the Shining Laser. If you've upgraded enough, it'll absolutely melt her health away. If not, you're better off going with your Buster.
One of Sera's most devastating attacks is to slam the ground with her wings. This will send purple energy beams at you. If you're lucky, you'll slip through one of the beams. Don't count on that, though. Dodge roll at the right moment to avoid this attack.
Her next attack is to fly to the other side of the battlefield, usually ramming you on the way.
Next, she has an attack where she shoots dozens of blue lasers down at you. You can wave beneath them, but otherwise, stay away. They don't do much damage, but she can inflict multiple hits at once, which is bad if you're almost out of health. This is the perfect opportunity to hit her hard with your most powerful weapon.
Sera's most powerful attack is to shoot a yellow beam out of chest at you. This attack does more damage than any other in the game. I recommend either jumping over it or tumble rolling. Try to figure out her pattern, because sometimes, she'll sweep the laser right over your head.
Sera can also create a black hole that will try to suck you in. If you're unlucky enough to get caught in it, it'll be much tougher to dodge any of her attacks. Her final attack is to bring meteors raining down from the sky. At that point, just keep running to avoid them.
Keep up the pain, and eventually, Sera goes down.
Congratulations! You've saved the human race, and successfully completed MegaMan Legends 2. Now, check out the secrets and sidequests sections to see what you've unlocked or what you may have missed the first time through the game.


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