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Walkthrough: Calbania Island

Calbania Island is where Glyde and his Birdbots have made their pirate base. The island itself is made of rolling green hills and plains that drop off into the ocean. The island is supposed to be deserted, but MegaMan will soon find that three girls live here, and one of them has been taken hostage by the Birdbots.

Save your game once you land, then head down the path.
You'll be in Kito Village, where you'll meet Appo and Dah, two twins who live here in harmony. They also seem to be quite retarded (did I say that out loud?). Their older sister Shu has been kidnapped and taken to Glyde's base, and they want your help rescuing her. You're going that way anyway, so might as well.
Search the trash can nearby for 2,000 zenny. When you're ready, head through the north door.
You'll come out in Calbania's sprawling plains. Appo and Dah will also be running to the north, towards the next area. They will lead you to the base.
Slider Reaverbots roam this area. They like to just spin at you and try to ram into you. They shouldn't cause you too much trouble, so just continue north.
In the next section of the plains, Reaverbots will randomly pop out of the ground as you skate to the north. Since there's no limit to them, it's easier to just zip past them.
Eventually, you'll reach Glyde's base, and it looks like getting in won't be a covert operation...
A large battalion of Glyde's machines guard the entrance, and you'll want to destroy all of them. Unfortunately, they can also shoot at Appo and Dah. If they do, you'll have to carry them to the target destination. You want to get them to the side of the base.
I recommend starting out by blasting the Glyde Tank roaming around. It's mobile, so its more dangerous than the stationary turrets. Lock on, circle, and shoot.
Once you've done that, go for the red turrets on the ground and the black ones high on the wall.
Like I said before, the twins will probably get caught in the crossfire, and if they do, they won't be able to make it to the side of the base by themselves.
Use the Lifter to take them to the base's north wall.
When both of them are behind the north wall, they'll tell MegaMan to stand in their hands so they can boost him over the walL. Go ahead and jump into their hands as if they were a platform.
Shu, Appo and Dah's sister, will come out on the balcony and cry for help, only to be dragged away by a Birdbot. You've got to save her before you destroy the base!

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