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Walkthrough: Saul Kada Desert

Once you vist Barrel and Bluecher, you'll find out that the next key is at Saul Kada Island. Unfortunately, the city there is currently under siege by more pirates. To make matters worse, you'll have to trudge through a desert first.

As mentioned above, you should head straight to the Sulphur-Bottom and give the Second Key to Bluecher if you haven't done so already.
Head to the Junk Shop. You'll want all of the following, assuming you haven't bought any of it already: Superball, Resistor Chip, Flame Barrier, Link Armor, and any remaining Buster Parts. Also, be sure you have at least twenty-five Extra Packs and fifteen Medicine Packs, as well as a Hyper Cartridge..
Now go to the development room. The Superball and Bomb Schematic make Asbestos Shoes, which lets you walk on hot or cold surfaces. Turn the Mechanic Notes 3 into Spreadfire Notes, them combine them with the Sower for the Spread Buster. Finally, the Superball and Bomb Schematic, together, make the Reflector Arm. Use any remaining money to upgrade the Buster Cannon, then equip it. Equip the Power Raiser ALPHA, Accessory Pack, and Rapid Fire ALPHA, as well as the Link Armor.
Once you've taken care of all the loose ends, fly to Saul Kada Island--you'll know it because it just looks like a big, sandy island.
The Flutter sets down outside of Kimotama City because of pirates. You'll disembark at a tranquil oasis. Save with Data, then head west into the desert.
First of all, it's worth noting that there are sinkholes in them dunes. They won't completely suck you in, but they do slow you down when you walk in them, and they're sort of hard to get out of. Secondly, the pirates will attack you even out here. The Draches are just like the Birdbot Carriers in Nino. However, there's an unlimited supply of enemies.
You'll next meet a Bonne Launcher. All they do is throw bombs at you, so I wouldn't worry too much. However, as Roll advises, you should ignore any enemies in the area.
At the southeast corner of the desert is the entrance to the Kimotama Caverns, the last optional ruins. You'll need the Class S License to get in. If you don't want to do this now, head north to the city. Otherwise, equip the Hydrojets and go in.

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