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Walkthrough: Kimotama City

Kimotama City houses the entrance to the Saul Kada Ruins, where the third key is said to hide. Unfortunately, however, the desert city is currently under siege by the Bonnes. Be sure to bring a full Energy Canteen and Picnic Lunch, along with the Buster Cannon. Do NOT bring the Hyper Shell.

Back in the Saul Kada Desert, head north and into the city.
As you've already figured out, the Bonnes have occupied this city.
You'll find Data up by the fountain in the center of town. Recharge and save, then go through the north door.
In this area, you'll face several Bonne Tanks, as well as Turrets. The two of them combined can be deadly. Take out the turrets sitting on the ledges of the ruined buildings, then go for the tanks.
Once all the enemies are gone, head through the northeast door and follow the path.
Boss time! At the street corner is a fence guarded by three Turrets. Behind the fence is a gigantic Bonne Cannon that lobs bombs at you. The Bonnes have locked several hostages behind the cannon, so you'll have to take it out first.
Despite their rapid-fire capabilities, you should be able to take out the Turrets without too much trouble.
The Bonne Cannon mostly just fires giant bombs at you. You can shoot at it from in front...
But it's MUCH safer to just get behind it. It can't rotate that far, and so you'll be completely out of harm's way.
Once the 'boss' is gone, take the Blue Bonne Key and go through the door with the Bonne crest on it. Be sure to talk to all of the people inside, especially the man in the red muscle shirt, then go through the wooden door to the north and left of this house.
You'll be in a hall full of pots. They contain 3,000 zenny, 1,800 zenny, and 1,000 zenny.
Now find your way back to the area where you fought the Tanks and Turrets. Go through the northwest door. There's three more doors here, so go through the southwest one.
Inside, you'll find 2,000 zenny under the table and 1,000 zenny in the bookshelf. Then go back into the previous area and go through the northwest door.
You'll be on a street with Seekers. They can't do much to you at all. They're basically just there to block your path.
There are Servbots up in the windows, though, that throws bombs down at you. Blast them like any other enemy. When they start running around, they're no longer a threat to you. Go through the north door.
Keep proceeding until you get to a new 'mission' screen. If you check around the west corner, you'll see that your progress is blocked by an electric fence.
Go back around the east corner to find that ripped hostage from earlier. If he's not there, it's because you didn't talk to him in the hostage house a few minutes ago.
He will drive the truck around the corner and ram it through the fences. Take care of the aftermath, then go north.
Some citizens of Kimotama seem to have gathered in this ruined market. First, talk to the woman in the blue dress. She runs the General Store. You can buy new pointless, but decorative items, including Wallpaper, a Painting, and a Game Cartridge.
Maybe you already noticed this, but there are Servbots wandering around the market, looking for a key they dropped. Naturally, the Red Bonne Key is behind the counter labeled 'Congo'. Follow the path east.
You'll run into Data on the way. Save with him, then go to the door with the Bonne crest on it.
Teisel Bonne, the oldest brother of the family, is guarding the entrance to the ruins! And he's prepared for your appearance--not only is he in a serpent-like machine, but he's also stolen a valued idol of the city. He's going to use it as a shield.
First of all, I'll just point out that the sand slows you down miserably. Not only that, but Servbot Borers will continuosuly burrow out of the sand during the whole battle. They mostly just charge at you. Also, if you're on a pillar, they can still launch themselves at you.
The best position is on top one of the four pillars around the center platform. From there, lock onto the Blitzkrieg and shoot a Buster Cannon shot at it. It will then shield itself with the idol. Wait for it to come out of its defensive curl, then rinse and repeat. One of its attacks is to just shoot random junk at you.
Its second attack is to charge energy discs in its hand, then throw them at you. They work like boomerangs. Its best to just hide behind the center of the pillar.
Use a Hyper Cartridge when you need to. Once you're completely out of special weapon energy, lock onto the Blitzkrieg and jump in the sand. Run circles around the center platform, jumping and taking only one or two shots at a time. Repeat this strategy until victory. If you destroy the idol, you'll have to pay for its replacement. Now, you can go into the Saul Kada Ruins or partake in another sidequest.

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