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Walkthrough: Dark MegaMan

Now that Teisel has been defeated, the Bonnes no longer have control over the city. As such, Roll has now landed the Flutter in the area past the battlefield, for your convenience. The sidequest you're about to partake in will have MegaMan becoming evil. It's worth it.

Behind the bottom-left pillar in the area where you fought Teisel is a desert trader. However, he only does business with shady customers--meaning that MegaMan's too much of a goody-goody. This can be fixed, however.
First of all, go back to the Manda Ruins and make sure you have AT LEAST 1,200,000 zenny (defeat the Gold Miroc as discussed in other sections to do so). If you want to eventually upgrade all of the canteens to their max, though, get around 3,110,000 zenny.
Once you have the necessary cash sum, go to Nino Island and into the blue door in the city.
Hopefully, you already gave the Cute Piggy to the girl in this house. This is the fastest way to become Dark MegaMan. Kick the pig into a corner, and then just repeatedly kick the pig. MegaMan's armor will start getting darker, symbolizing that his inner evil is being unleashed.
To figure out if you're Dark MegaMan yet or not, just head back out into the city and talk to the kids standing around. They'll be scared of you if you are Dark MegaMan. Try not to overdo it on the darkness; if you become TOO dark, it may cost even more zenny to become normal again.
When you're Dark MegaMan, everyone seems to dislike you. Everything at shops also becomes about twenty percent more expensive. You can tell if this price hike is in effect by the salespeoples' mannerisms.
In addition, you can't take the quizzes in Pokte Village as long as you're Dark MegaMan.
Anyways, get back to Kimotama City and talk to the shady salesman. Now that you're Dark MegaMan, you can buy a Reaverbot Eye and Taser. You can also sell the Reaverbot Claw you got from the Yosyonke Junk Shop owner so long ago for 50,000 zenny.
Go through the backdoor of the Yosyonke Junk Shop. The owner will offer you 100,000 zenny for the Reaverbot Eye you just bought, but refuse the offer and you can make 300,000 zenny! Take that offer, because he'll drop down to 10,000 if you refuse again.
Now go back to the Flutter, and have Roll turn the Mechanic Notes 6 into the Autofire Notes then combine that with the Sensor to create the Hunter Seeker. On a side note, the post office will not do business with you if you're Dark MegaMan.
Finally, head back to the church and talk to the priest. He will ask you for a donation. This is the only way to become normal again. A million zenny will do. Check the way the shop owners speak to you to be sure. Another million zenny will probably turn you into Light MegaMan, which gets you a twenty percent discount at shops, but this method really only pays itself off if you plan to fully upgrade the Energy Canteen and Medicine Bottle.

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