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Walkthrough: Kimotama Caverns

This is the last optional dungeon, but don't think it's too hard. However, you will need a Class S License to get in. It's also the last dungeon to feature underwater movement. There's no draining or filling the ruins with water this time, though, so bring along the Hydrojets. Also, as usual, you will encounter a mostly random set of Reaverbots each time you enter the area, so I won't provide much enemy strategy, other than the fact that most of the chests here are Mimic Reaverbots!

Head through the door on the west wall once you get inside.
You'll encounter the Shark Reaverbots you ran past/fought in the Nino Ruins. Destroy them if you like (heck, I recommend it even), and then take 25,000 zenny from the hole in the west wall.
Back out in the entrance hall, go east and then follow the hall through the door.
In this hall, follow the path north as far as possible, then head east at the corner. A hole in the wall there has a Sensor inside.
Now go through the west door in this hall. A chest in there has another 18,000 zenny.
In the previous hall, head down the east path and through the door there.
Pass through the square-shaped room and into the east hallway. Take the southeast door into a room with a chest containing the Mechanic Notes 6. Back in the hall, go through the north door.
Head east at this fork. A chest in the room contains 15,000 zenny. Now go back to the fork and head west this time, then north through the door in the square-shaped hall. Boss time!
You're facing the Nino Guardian jellyfish Reaverbots again, except this time, you HAVE to fight underwater. This proves to be much more difficult. The Drill Arm is mostly insufficient this time around. They still have their electricity spark attack from before, but now they can move through the water, and sometimes they just ram you.
As always, the circle-and-shoot method works to your advantage. The key to this fight though, is not to focus on all of them at once. You see, when you defeat two of them, the third becomes much tougher to beat. So it's best to just knock them all down to about a third of their life, THEN focus on them one at a time.
If one of them charges at you, jumping can work wonders. On another note, they also use their shields a lot more.
A new attack is where they send little jellyfish after you--they're basically bombs. Only the last jellyfish uses this attack. Still not much to worry about though. Finish him off and then head through the north door.
Head through the north door to get Refractor S, which also happens to be the final Refractor (well, sort of). As usual, the only good it does is make you money (via selling it at a shop). Head back out to the Flutter.
You may have noticed this already, but the Twins' Letter 2 is now available at the post office in Yosyonke, provided you gave Shu the quiz items already. Refill your Energy Canteen while you're in town, grab a Picnic Lunch, and fly back to the desert.

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