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Walkthrough: Returning the First Key

Now that you've made it out of the Manda Ruins alive and with the First Key to the Mother Lode, it'd probably be better to turn it over to the Von Bluecher and the Sulphur-Bottom for safe-keeping. However, your next destination after that will leave you stranded there for a while, so make sure you tie up all the loose ends first!

If you haven't done so already, buy everything that's available from the General Store and Junk Shop in Pokte Village. Then go and give Roll the Stuffed Doll and Model Ship from the General Store. Also, buy any Flutter upgrades Roll still offers if you haven't yet.
In the development room, Roll can use the Bowling Ball and Rusted Mine to make the Ground Crawler, and the Thick Pipe and Artillery Notes to make the Buster Cannon.
Have Roll move the Flutter to the Sulphur-Bottom and give the key to Barrel and Bluecher. Check with them to see if they have any new information while you're here as well. It seems the next key is in and the pirates' next target is Ruminoa City on Nino Island.
At the Junk Shop, make sure you have ALL ten Bionic Parts, at least fifteen Extra Packs and a Hyper Cartridge. Also, buy the Aqua Chip. It'll come in handy. Finally, buy everything else the Junk Shop offers.
I recommend going to the Pokte Caverns and destroying the Gold Miroc until you have enough zenny to upgrade the Drill Arm, Vacuum Arm, and Buster Cannon to their full capacities. However, if you're running low on patience, just upgrade the Buster Cannon a little. Now, fly to Nino Island.

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