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Walkthrough: Racing

There is a racing game you can play in Kimotama City. The only rewards are decent cash prizes, but nothing comparable to the amount you can make from the Gold Miroc in the Pokte Caverns. Note that the screenshots here DO NOT reflect the time you should have when you reach that point in a course.

Go to the altar where the idol is in Kimotama City and talk to the monk there, known as Mad Mossa. He will allow you to race if you have the Jet Skates. Choose to go to the Manda Circuit first.
Hold up while you skate to go faster. The speed gauge will show you how fast you're going. Try to maintain the highest speed possibile at all times without crashing into any walls.
The courses are booby trapped. If you skate over any of the glowing panels, you'll slow down to a crawl, so avoid that.
There are many ramps that will launch you into the air when you skate off of them (some of the terrain does this as well). In all the races, there are hourglasses floating around that will stop the clock briefly when you grab them. They're indicated by red dots on the map. The first one can be gotten when you launch off a ramp and over a boulder.
Just past that, there are several trees and a boulder. Hug the right wall to get an hourglass behind the rock.
The final hourglass is between two boulders about halfway through the course. You'll have to have skill to grab it and swerve behind the far rock without running into the wall. If you want to get the top ranking and the most zenny, you'll have to get all of the hourglasses in every course.
At the Calinca Circuit, you can start out going straight and at a high speed without much worry.
When you get to the first red dot on the map, you'll have to hug the left wall. The hourglass is hidden under a bank. You'll have to hit the bank just right to prevent sailing right over the hourglass.
The next hourglass is high in the air around the corner. You'll have to hit a ledge just right to reach it.
Hug the right wall and go between a tree and a boulder to get the next hourglass.
You'll have to employ some careful steering to get the hourglass in the southwest portion of the track, between the tree and the west wall.
The final hourglass is at the top of a tall tree. You'll have to hit the bank just right again to get that far up there.
The Saul Kada Circuit is the most difficult and dangerous of the three tracks. For one, it has electric panels, just like the Manda Circuit. The first hourglass is in the air. You'll have to skate off a rock to reach it.
Another danger is sand pits that are hard to escape from. Skate along the left edge of one to get the second hourglass.
The next hourglass is on a straightaway, next to two trees.
The fourth hourglass is on the dessert floor. You'll have to be careful that you don't jump completely over it.
Hourglass 5 is next to the northwest wall when you round the corner.
You'll have to hit a ramp just right to reach the high sixth hourglass.
Hourglass 7 is at the corner of an electric panel close to the finish line. When you're done racing, proceed to the Sulphur-Bottom.


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