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Walkthrough: Train Battle

It seems that the fourth and final key to the Mother Lode is hidden deep within the ruins beneath Calinca Island, where the game began. However, Yosyonke City is in turmoil--the pirates are making one last stand, and they mean to destroy the city!

Equip the Jet Skates and go to the Sulphur-Bottom. Return the third key to Barrel and Bluecher, and they will tell you that the last key is in the Calinca Ruins, but you won't be able to get in until you thwart the pirates one last time.
At the Junk Shop, refill your Energy Canteen, Medicine Bottle, and get a Hyper Cartridge. Buy any parts they have, including the Link Armor OMEGA. At the Flutter, have Roll turn the Soft Ball and Taser into the Crusher. Turn the Mechanic Notes 4 into the Beam Blade Notes. Combine those with the Zetsabre for the Blade Arm. Grab a Picnic Lunch. Equip the Power Blaster OMEGA, Buster Unit OMEGA, and Accessory Pack.
Fly over to Calinca Island--familiar turf.
You may learn from some of the citizens that the pirates are planning to crash a train into the city if they don't give up the fourth key. In the southeast section of town, Roll is admiring a train car you might be able to use. Talk to her.
Go to the hotel in the northeast area. Talk to the innkeeper, and have him take you to Room 102.
You should be in a room with Joe and Maria. Talk to Joe to intiate a cutscene. He'll give you a Train Key. Once you've got that, go over to the post office to get any letters you may have gotten, then go back to Roll and tell her you're ready to go.
The next boss fight takes place in two main phases--it's made of two cars, so each car is a phase.
The goal of this battle is to destroy both pirate cars without your own car taking too much damage. If that hapens, it's game over.
Don't use the Hyper Shell yet! Save it for later. The battle starts out with the back of Glyde's car shooting bombs at you. Lock onto the cannons and start blasting. Stand in a position so most of the bombs will be destroyed in the crossfire.
Once you get closer, it might be a good idea to unload a few Hyper Shell shots at the cannons right as they reload. This should get rid of them pretty quickly. When they are destroyed, Roll will speed up to get beside Glyde's car.
If you want, you can lock onto the cannons on top of the train and start firing at them.
As you go for the top cannons, the lower cannon will probably start shooting a laser beam at you. Just continuously jump over it.
You can use a couple of Hyper Shell shots if you like to take out the last cannon.
Once both top cannons are gone, you can go directly for the train. Don't lock onto anything--instead, manually fire at the wall of the train. That should get rid of its last few inches of health. Just keep firing, and soon, Glyde's done for!
Tron and Teisel, almost a little too happily, unlock Glyde's car as it explodes behind them. You never have to hear from him again! Now phase one is over--the Bonnes are next on the hit list.
The Bonnes's car is way ahead of you. Switch to the Lifter. They'll fire homing missiles at you, piloted by Servbots. They can fly at you in two ways. The first is for them to go directly towards you. In this case, use the Lifter to pick up the missile and throw it back at the Bonnes's car.
The missiles can also come at you from above. In this case, it's better to just destroy the missile before it gets to you.
As mentioned previously, grab missiles that come straight at you and throw them at the Bonnes. Soon, you'll do so much damage, that the Bonnes will have to slow down, and Roll catches up to them.
Tron will start firing the main cannon at you. It does a lot of damage, so be careful. However, you can prevent it from ever firing by shooting it as it charges up the blast. Also, Servbots will walk out on the breezeway in the train and throw bombs at you.
A good strategy is to fire a Hyper Shell shot directly forward. Its explosion radius should stop the cannon's charge, damage the train, and get rid of any Servbots. However, the cannon IS indestructible, so use whatever special weapon energy you have left to fire directly at the train between cannon shots.
Eventually, the train's shell will be destroyed, revealing the main engine--Bon! Though the Servbots will still try to thwart you, at this point, all you have to do is continuously shoot at Bon. The battle's won!
When you get back to Yosyonke, follow the train track into the tundra, where your train car was earlier.
There should be a treasure chest with a Spike Chip inside. Take it back to the Flutter and have Roll make Cleated Shoes out of them. Equip the shoes.
Make sure you have around thirty-five Extra Packs, twenty Medicine Packs, a Picnic Lunch, and a Hyper Cartridge. Head to the church. The priest has opened the Calinca Ruins for you--descend into the ruins using the elevator.


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