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Vanguard Bandits isn't all about giant robots beating the living or mechanical crap out of each other with huge swords. It has a wide array of human characters as well, who just happen to drive the giant robots who beat the living or mechanical crap out of each other with huge swords. In this section of the shrine, I shall introduce all of the characters, as well as a little bit of information about each one. Spoilers are not given; I will leave you to discover the characters on your own.

NOTE: Since Vanguard Bandits' story is all about little countries teaming up against a mean old Empire, there are various alliances and nationalities in this game. To further explain who is who, I have placed a little crest after each character's name to identify what country they are a part of. Below is a description of each crest and it's corresponding nation.

Pharastia Kingdom: The so called "good guys" of this game, Pharastia is referred to as the "Kingdom" by many, even though the state they are currently in can hardly be considered a "kingdom". All that is left is the Kingdom Army, which is working with Avalon to rebuild Pharastia to it's former glory. During the game, you will most likely be helping the Pharastia Kingdom, but certain circumstances can have you working for the Empire instead. See the Mission Chart section for more.
Junaris Empire: Many years ago, during the wars between Pharastia's former nation-states, an enraged citizen named Degalle spoke out against all the senseless fighting and formed a rebellion against these corrupt governments. This small rebellion group quickly grew and became what is known as the Junaris Empire. Empire Degalle is still very much alive today, and has become corrupt with the very power he preached against. The Empire are the bad guys of the game, and the Imperial Army is run by the insidious General Faulkner, the main villain in the game.
Avalon Principality: This small nation, ruled by the kind and humble Duke Zeira, was founded on the principle of hard work. Avalon is a major supporter of the Kingdom, and the Avalon military is always willing to help keep the Empire at bay. Unfortunately, due to the relentless border skirmishes by the Muspel Nation, Avalon's military forces are usually busy fighting off enemies from the south, and are not able to launch an effective attack on the Empire.
Nordilian Forest: A large country filled with vast forests as far as the eye can see, Nordilian is run by the large and barbaric Duke Logan, one of the most feared warriors in the history of the Eptina Continent. As luck would have it, Nordilian is allied with the Empire, but some say that the Empire is a little disrespectful to Logan, treating him as their whipping boy and using his great nation for their own selfish desires.
Muspel Nation: This desert nation to the south is filthy stinking rich, literally. Due to its abundant primary resources and raw materials, the Muspel Nation has managed to become the wealthiest country on the continent. Their leader, one Duke Radcot, is an fugly, dirty, perverted, horrible backstabber of a man, and the desert heat makes him smell even worse... Muspel claims to be neutral in the war between the Kingdom and the Empire, but their constant attacks aimed at the Avalon Principality speak otherwise. Some believe that Muspel is secretly allied with the Empire. Some also believe that the people of Muspel live opressed by their selfish leader, who gives little to nothing to his people. Could a revolt be happening anytime soon?
Duchy Of Hibernia: This quiet, snow-covered nation of the northern regions of the continent is governed by relatives of the Kingdom, and are obligated to aid the Kingdom if it is in need of help. However, if the Kingdom steps out of line, Hibernia is also obligated to destroy the Kingdom... 8). The leader, Lord Alden the Ice Wolf, is cold and silent, refusing to have anything to do with the war.
Dionne-Lehve: And here we have a country ruled by a long line of great warrior-mercenaries, lending it's services to whoever they deem worthy. The current leader of Dionne-Lehve, Marquis Dionne-Lehve, has yet to choose who to ally with. Hopefully, he will make the correct decision before it is too late....

Here is a little map I made of how the continent of Eptina is divided up among these nations. Note that the Southern Alliance is a small group of civilian towns, the remnants of a fallen dukedom.

Now, for the characters. Please note that I do not have all of the character portraits. I plan to grab them all on a later date, but if someone would like to go ahead and get them, then I would be very happy.

First, we'll cover the Main Cast of Characters.

Main Cast of Characters









Next, we'll cover the supporting cast of characters.

Supporting Cast





























Last and certainly least are the various nameless soldiers in the game. They're here merely for identification purposes, and they don't have subpages.

Imperial Soldier

Hell's Bandit

Imperial Peon

Nordilian Soldier

Muspel Soldier

Muspel Ambassador


Kingdom Soldier

Hibernia Soldier

Nordilian Peon

Kingdom Peon

Avalon Soldier

High-Ranked Imperial

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