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Ione: Female Fighting Force!
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, for a very little bit of the Kingdom Branch

The daughter of the high-ranked Kaidul, Ione has picked up her father's skill on the battlefield, and has proven herself a worthy soldier and a role model to females everywhere! She's strong, smart, and always keeps her cool, occasionally showing her great sense of humour with well-timed jokes. She's pretty, too! Not too much is known about Ione, as you don't have her on your team for long. She is best friends with Reyna, and the two go way back, fighting for the glory of the Avalon Principality. Ione appears to have a slight crush on Zeira, as shown in some of their conversations.

Ione begins with a Barazaph ATAC. She's only in your party for 4 missions, so keep her in her ATAC and don't let her score any kills. It's a shame you'll never get to see Ione fight at her full potential.. or will you?

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