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Equipment is a vital part of any RPG, and Vanguard Bandits is no exception. Each character rides an ATAC, as you already know, but each ATAC has it's own set of equipment:

  • A Weapon for attacking
  • A Stone to run on and use abilities
  • And an Amulet to boost certain stats.

    All of these can be bought in the Shop, which as you may or may not know, is only open at certain chapters of the game. For equipment availability and pricing, please look at the Shopping List section.

    A few notes of interest on equipment:

    - *IMPORTANT!* An ATAC cannot function without a Stone or a Weapon. Meaning, you must have a Stone and a Weapon equipped at all times. If you wish to de-equip a Stone or Weapon to sell it, you need to make sure you have something else to give the de-equipped ATAC, or you won't be able to remove the equipment.

    - Certain ATACs use certain types of weapons. The Haurol uses giant spears such as the Trident and Halberd, whereas a ninja-esque ATAC like the Vedocorban uses Katana-like swords.

    - Some of the legendary excavated ATACs (such as the Ultragunner and the Toreadore) have their own Weapons and Stones that CANNOT be removed. They are legendary Stones and Weapons, which are vital to the ATAC. Usually, the character using this ATAC will not be able to switch ATACs, either.

    - Since Weapons give a high boost in the WEP stat, you will never need to raise this stat via leveling up.

    - Certain weapons cannot be used for certain attacks. For example, you can Str Slash with a sword all you like, but spear users will have Str Thrust instead.

    - Amulets are equipped on characters, not ATAC.

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