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The following is a basic introduction to what ATAC are. If you know already and simply want to view the list of ATAC and their stats, Click Here.

Q: ATAC? That's not how you spell "attack", doofus.

A: Ahh, but you're wrong. For ATAC are not "attacks", but rather the gigantic armored knights you control during your battles. Left by a civilization long expired, these "mechanical giants" have been excavated from ancient ruins of the first Eptinan people, a race not even I know a thing about.


Upon discovery of the "excavated ATAC" models, the Kingdom and Empire began to develop mass-produced models for their armies. These "factory-made" ATAC are made for strength in numbers; they are cheap to produce, yet not near as powerful as the "excavated" or "legendary" ATAC, which are piloted by the rulers of Eptina.

ATAC are remarkable in the way they function; the pilot climbs into the ATAC and with the power of an elemental stone, the ATAC reads the pilots mind and acts accordingly (don't get any dirty thoughts here, ya perv!) These awe-inspiring machines have changed the face of battle forever, and some may say rather than keep the peace, these steel abominations have plagued Eptina in a spiral of endless suffering and death.

This section will go over the various ATAC models found throughout the game, along with a glance at their stats and who you will most likely see piloting them. Note that you will NOT be able to use a great deal of these ATAC, as they belong to uncontrollable characters. But you'll get to mess around with some really nice excavated ones!

Q: ATAC Type? What does that mean?

A: Well, this is where Terrain comes into play. ATAC are certainly all terrain, but that doesn't mean some aren't more effective on certain terrain than others. Check the Terrain section for more information.

The ATAC types are:

Infantry: Otherwise referred to as "Normal" ATAC, these are standard ATAC that are fairly mobile. Their mobility is fairly good, but slows down considerably in deserts, snowy areas and on cliffs.
Light Infantry: More mobile than most ATAC, but also less armoured.
Heavy Infantry: Think big, armoured ATAC. Slower and less mobile than most ATAC, but also with higher constitution and attack than most ATAC.
Cavalry: Cavalry-type ATAC are FAST on ordinary terrain (think mounted knights), but generally slower on everything else, ESPECIALLY extreme conditions such as snow or sand.
Ninja: Stealthy and hard to hit, and very fast moving on ALL terrains. An all-around good ATAC type, but generally low on Defense.
Flight: EXCELLENT for movement; since it has Hoverjets built into it, it hovers above the ground, and that's what separates it from the other types.

Now, for the ATAC (in chart format.) We'll go over "factory-built" ATAC first, as they are less remarkable, and as Homsar would say: "I'm saving the best for last!"

Here's an example of how I'll be displaying the ATAC information.

ATAC Name:
ATAC Type: Description here!
HP: Move:
Battles you'll see them in:

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