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100% Guide

So, you wanna beat Vanguard Bandits? You mean, COMPLETELY beat it? Well, that's what this section is for!

Here is a screenshot of what your file looks like at the beginning. Notice the secret stuff is locked, the "Missions Won says "0", and we haven't seen any ATACs. That means we have some work to get to!
Here's what we have to do to fill that list out to it's fullest and achieve an A+++! I highly encourage you to check out the Saving Properly section of the shrine to make sure you get a mastered file without accidentally wiping out a day's work. 8)

  • You must have beared witness to EVERY ATAC type in the game. But just seeing them on the battlefield does not count. You must have Battle Animation ON and watch each and every one of them perform at least one attack. After beating the mission in which you watched that particular ATAC strut it's stuff, it will be added to the ATAC Viewer option on the Option Menu. So the bottom line is this; when you see a new ATAC model, turn Battle Animation ON and attack it or watch it attack.

  • You must win EVERY mission in the game. That means every branch, and every variation of each branch. You can't skip Mission 9: Desert Escape if you want this mastered file, so suck it up and do it! 8) See the Mission Chart for more information on obtaining this goal.

  • To unlock the various "LOCKED" options, you will have to obtain all of the endings in the game and save afterwards. But you'll probably obtain this clearing out every mission on every branch.

And voila! Check it out! This is what your file will look like once you've done everything and everyone completed this lovely game 100%! Enjoy your master file, and especially the hillarious alternate opening video. 8)

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