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Welcome! I've got some neat things from VB here for you to download! Note that I DON'T have the ISO for the game, and I wouldn't distribute it anyway. The game isn't all that hard to find, and it's very inexpensive, so do me a favour and support Working Designs; they really deserve a lot more praise then they get. And while you're at it, go kick Square Enix in the shins and tell them to go back to the way they were! Enough with the Disney games and the quasi-rpgs with the "fairy tale" setting; start making more Chrono games, and more GOOD Final Fantasies that can't be beaten by just attacking and using items! 8P

Anyway, here's what I have for download. I can't host the bigger files here; please follow the directions below.

Game Save Courtesy of BlueGuinea! 100 % complete, 56 of 56 Missions complete, 32 of 32 ATACs seen and in the Viewer. 3 save files to play, one on the final battle of the Kingdom Branch (good ending), one on the Empire Branch (Cecilia ending), and one on the final battle of the Ruin Branch.

By the way, check out BlueGuinea's website! He has some.. unusual RPGs made with the OHR (Official Hampster Republic) gaming engine.

Game Save At the final battle of the Kingdom Branch (good ending) with a twist; I GameSharked the game to allow you to use many new ATAC! Bastion has the TIC-TAC, Reyna has the Solarus, Devlin has the Crimson, Barlow has the Sarbelas, Milea has a Rahabor, Zeira has a Sharking, Andrew has a #69, and Nana has the Zulwarn!
PSF Collection Ripped by someone_42, this is the entire soundtrack of Vanguard Bandits, minus the XA audio (the vocal tracks and title screen songs). If you're one of the people who agrees that this game had some great battle themes (as do I), you'll love this! You'll need the WinAmp plugin called Highly Experimental to play these; you can get that HERE.
  • Believe My Heart (Opening song)
  • Believe My Heart (Blooper version)
  • Together (Title Screen theme)
  • The Final Battle ("Together", with Faulkner and Bastion's speech)
  • 2nd Title Screen Theme
  • Promotional Video Song
  • Tomorrow (Empire ending theme)
  • Bells (Ruin ending theme)
  • I am NOT hosting these here. However, email me with any praise or criticism about my shrine, and I'll gladly send them to you. I know it's an odd deal, but I really want to know what you think, and it's not like it's hard to give me your opinion, right? And since there is no OST for this game, I don't see the problem in distributing these.
    Vanguard Bandits TrueType Font COMING SOON! 8)

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