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How to Play

Greetings, and all welcome. I am monikered Daravon, and I will lesson you of tacticing and battles. Got a good feeling? Then we shall beginning the lessons. No words you're allowed unless words I ask, no toilet during class teaching, unless hand is raised. Give in all housework on proper chronological alignment. Outtake your paper and penicillin, and of notes jot down as words appear. This will be written on final investigation, you won't earn marks if you get beat. This was the darkened items won't appear.

Just a minute! Bordam Daravon, I have a letter from the Director of the Military Academy. It states that you are simply not suited for teaching, and in this day in age, where combat has become this much more dangerous, your teachings are not helping our young hopeful soldiers, but rather putting them to sleep! We've had a platoon of recent graduates fall asleep during a heated battle, costing us a valuable chunk of land! And they were equipped with sleep-blocking accessories! How do you explain THAT?!

Ask not what your President can do for you, but what your President can do you.

Enough, both of you. Bordam, you are being re-assigned to coach midnight basketball games to inner-city high school students. I'm teaching this class now. Students, I apologize for the delay, but we had to sort a few things out. I am your teacher for Vanguard Bandits 101. Note that I am dressed as an evil Imperial soldier for one reason only; to familiarize you would-be soldiers with the enemy. I'm going to drill you young ones on the teachings of war, and you're going to hate me for it. But you're going to listen, and you'll do as I say...

Okay, all that basically means is; "Welcome to the How To Play Section!". Click on a section of the game you don't understand. If you haven't played Vanguard Bandits, I recommend you read it all starting from the top. But if you don't want to, at least hear me out here.

Vanguard Bandits is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, which I believe you have played. However, it's also quite different in terms of flow of game and battle strategy. There are no random battles, only set ones. The game flows together rather quickly, so if you get caught in a predicament and your team is unprepared, you're screwed. There is no going back to replay battles for extra EXP, and EXP is limited as it is. You must learn to utilize what little time and resources you have to maintain a balanced team of warriors before you reach the end of the game. Planning ahead is essential, and it's rather hard to run through the game without an idea of what you're supposed to do. Knowledge is power, so read on if you're unsure... but fight each battle to the best of your abilities, earning as much spoils and EXP as you can... there are no second chances, because in real life, war doesn't wait for you to level up.

Starting A Game
- Controlling the Game
The Flow of the Game:
- Story
- Between Missions
- Battle
- Multiple Paths
- Storyline Decisions
Between Missions (Prep):
- Interviewing
- Shopping
- Equipping
- Switching ATAC
- Battling Basics
- The Battlefield
- Sizing Up the Situation
- How to Fight
- Attacking
- Support Abilities (Magic)
- Dormant Abilities
- Mission Objectives
- When Attacked..
- Level Up!
- Assist
- Terrain and Movement
- Morale
- CPU Controlled Allies
- Battle Strategy (also, exploiting holes in the enemy AI)
- If you die...

Keys to Success (or, how to win at Vanguard Bandits) PLEASE READ!

I am Daravon, and I am of coach basketball. This was the teams we need 2 to make; captains on sides and the choosing of a team of group players. Extinguishing team from team via from shirts and skins, some must part with garments. Rules is this; no going on vacation to foreign areas, don't contact a physical player, and play fairly. Any inquiries? What you doing, all players surrounding my area? Why are you looking not happy? Why are you brass knuckle wearing? *smash* Oww! Of face not hit! Nose is two segments now!

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