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Support Abilities

Support Abilities are what you might call the "Magic" of Vanguard Bandits. Easy to learn, and easy to use, Support Skills take AP to use (though generally not TOO much), and they're very useful when you have a little extra AP after an attack, or when you're not near an enemy, but want to give an ally a stat boost. It's a good idea to huddle your team together for the first round of turns, so that you can pile on a bunch of status enhancements, entering the battle with the upper hand! If the battle is looking grim, there are even some Support Abilities that heal other team members! Imagine that; healing in the middle of battle!

Support Abilities differ with each stone; each stone gets different abilities. Generally, they are elemental based (meaning, a legendary stone of Earth element learns Earth Support Abilities), but there is one exception to this; Gratia. The stone that powers the Ultragunner has one Support Ability; Holy Light.

Support Abilities are learned by having a high enough leveled stone, and by having a high enough BAS stat.

About Range: "Range" refers to how many spaces away from your position a Support Ability can reach. A range of 1 means a space up, down, left or right. A range of 2 means 2 spaces up, down, left, or right (as well as 1 space in any diagonal direction). Following this pattern, you should be able to tell what Range 3 and 4 would be.

Notes: Cooling Mist targets all allies within a "Range" of 2. Support Abilities CANNOT be used on the person casting them; only allies. Also, raising a stat with a Support Ability will not teach you new attacks, even temporarily.

Name of Ability: What It Does: AP Cost: Range: BAS Required: Stone:
Turn Quake Earth 1 (Onyx) 50 AP 1 8 When cast on an enemy, rotates the direction he is facing to a new, randomly chosen direction
Gaia Protect Earth 2 (Topaz) 30 AP 1 10 Temporarily increases an ally's DEF
Earth Heal Earth 3 (Garnet) 60 AP 1 15 Recovers some of an ally's HP
Cooling Mist Water 2 (Aquamarine) 55 AP 2 10 Recovers some FP of all allies in range of user.
Pouring Rain Water 3 (Sapphire) 30 2 15 Temporarily increases an ally's AGL
Searing Flame Fire 2 (Jasper) 40 1 10 Temporarily increases an ally's WEP
Blazing Phoenix Fire 4 (Kunzite) 60 1 10 Reduces user's HP to 1, but fully restores the HP of another ATAC
Roaring Wind Wind 3 (Olivine) 40 1 10 Temporarily increases an ally's DEX
Holy Light Gratia 90 2 18 Recovers some HP and FP of an ally.

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