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Halak: Grumpy Old Woman
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on Empire Branch

Halak is Princess Sadira's older, wiser advisor, and her countless years of age have granted her not only intelligence, but also senility, wrinkliness, and a very grumpy disposition. She also comes with a neat little Yoda-esque accent/speech impediment that will no doubt make you laugh. She has a vast wellspring of advice to give to Sadira and even Franco, but she also wants Sadira to do EXACTLY what she says; she's very old fashioned!

Halak pilots the Korbelan ATAC, and she's probably the least useful of all the team members you will come across. The way to make best use of her limited power is to give her a Wind elemental stone, and have her use Turbulence to keep the enemy ATAC busy, while people like Bastion and Sadira get the big hits in.

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