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Milea: Bastion's Little Sister
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on the Kingdom and Ruin branches

Though they aren't related by blood, cute little Milea is the stepsister of Bastion, adopted by Kamorge. Her parents were slaughtered in a foolish border skirmish, leaving her alone and helpless. Now, she travels with Bastion, Kamorge and Puck as they journey the continent, avoiding the Empire.

Milea has secret feelings for Bastion, though she would never admit it. She is known to tear into people who compliment Bastion's good looks. She has a bit of trouble speaking her mind and talking about her feelings, and she tends to turn the other cheek when annoyed, only to explode into a female fury on poor Bastion at some random time. She claims that she's annoyed by Bastion's lazyness and sometimes chauvanistic attitude, but we know that she's just mad that she can't tell the truth, right?

Milea normally doesn't pilot an ATAC (she's busy cooking and cleaning), but if you manage to get her on your team, she will pilot either the Amphisia or Altagrave ATAC. I'm not telling you HOW she got a hold of the Altagrave; let's just say she's a smart young girl.

Click here for a pic of Milea in anime form.

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