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Reyna: Lovely Lass!
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on the Kingdom and Ruin branches!

Reyna is best friends with Ione, and the two both serve in the Avalon Defense Corps. She's a lot more casual and flirty than Ione, and generally more fun to be around and have around. She's not too different from Bastion, travelling the continent battling Imperial soldiers and all, but she's much nicer to look at!

Though Reyna may be blonde, perish the thought about her being dumb. Reyna is a bright, well-travelled and experienced young woman, who has done lots of neat things over the years before settling down (hardly!) as a soldier. She joins your team because she shares your team's common goal, but she also does it because she has a bit of a crush on Bastion. If there's one thing she can't stand, it's people like Andrew, who treat her like a stereotypical blonde.

Reyna pilots the Haurol ATAC, a cute pink machine with a sharp spear. Equip her with water elemental stones, and make sure you have her learn her special technique; Reyna's Trick! It's fun to watch! And no, it's not THAT kind of "trick", so perish THAT thought, too!

Click here for a pic of Reyna in anime form.

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