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Shion: Claire's Aide
Country of Alignment Controllable?

This handsome and intelligent gentleman has been assigned by Logan to watch over his daughter Claire as her aide. He is doing a very good job, it would seem; as Claire and Shion are good friends! Of course, that could be due to the fact that Shion listens to all of Claire's complaints and always agrees with what she says, because he's afraid of what Logan might do to him, and he's ESPECIALLY afraid of what Logan would do to him if he told Claire that he has a secret crush on her.

Shion may be highly intelligent and scientifically-minded, but that doesn't mean he's poor in battle. He pilots a Rahabor ATAC like the rest of the Nordilian soldiers, but he is much more skilled and powerful, so precaution must be taken when battling. Chances are if you run into Claire, you will run into Shion.

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