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Alden: Ruler of Hibernia
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on Kingdom Branch.

Cold and silent to most people, and rarely stepping into other people's business, Lord Alden resides in his castle in the northern reaches of the continent, known as the snowy region of Hibernia. Alden has taken a neutral stance on the war, and refuses to join either the Kingdom or the Empire. He chooses to sit aside and watch what happens. However, as a direct relative to the late king, Alden is ordered to destroy the Kingdom if they step out of line and become "evil".

Alden doesn't seem to trust a whole lot of people, but he's quite affectionate to Melior, his personal aide. He's really only kind to her, and she seems to bring out the best in him. In his spare time, Alden enjoys the game of chess; he is in fact the second best player on the entire Eptina continent!

When Alden does battle, he's quite a warrior. He pilots the legendary Altagrave ATAC, known for it's excellent handling in cold conditions and feared for it's mighty Blizzard Break attack.

Click here for a pic of Alden in anime form.

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