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Galvas: Avalon Corps Commander
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, for a bit of Kingdom Branch

The brother of the late Alugard (I'm not letting you know who that is, because it's spoiler information), Galvas is fiercely devoted to the restoration of the Pharastia Kingdom. He's a very powerful warrior, who always seems to be focused and in prime battle condition.

However, he's also very similar to Final Fantasy 9's Steiner; naive and blindly devoted to the Kingdom, no matter what. He has little to no tolerance for the lighthearted attitude of Bastion's friends, and never seems to laugh at anything. If you say anything even remotely bad about the Kingdom, and Galvas hears of it, you'll be lucky to get off with a major injury. The old guy needs to chill out, or he'll blow an artery or something, huh?

Galvas pilots the very cool looking Serata ATAC, and does best with Fire-elemental stones. Since he's not on your team for long (and you don't bring him to the end of the game), I suggest not letting him get any kills, so that your team gets that much more experience. I also suggest sticking him in a Ratatosk, and giving the Serata to someone like Devlin. But, uh... don't tell him I said that.

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