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Puck: Vertically-challenged tyke/mechanic!
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Nope, but he's there on the Equipment screen!

Another of Kamorge's adopted children (he has a heart of gold, doesn't he?), Puck is short in stature; so short, that he's mistaken for a young boy. Yet he's nearly a man, and he's also got a gift for repairing, tweaking, and perhaps even designing ATAC. His father arranged for him to travel with Kamorge and Bastion at a young age to gather experience in the field of ATAC, and it has done him well; very well.

Puck is an invaluable ally; he's always there on the Equip screen to help you out. During your journey, he may find and repair ATAC, which are free to use by you. He's a pretty cheery fellow as well, sometimes getting Bastion and the others out of bad moods and getting the journey going again. Once you reach Mission 47, you'll see Puck turn an otherwise hopeless situation into a jolly good time with his vast ATAC knowledge!

Puck isn't a very good ATAC PILOT, but in emergencies, he will battle with whatever he can find. Wait until Mission 56...

Click here for a pic of Puck in anime form.

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