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Duke Logan: Ruler of Nordilian Forest
Country of Alignment Controllable?

And on the other side of the fence, we have the barbaric Duke Logan. Weighing in at about 350 pounds of behemoth strength and wearing an authentic skinned tiger around his neck, Logan is an imposing sight, and a truly fearsome warrior, the most agressive one on the entire continent! He's allied with the Empire, which is bad news for you!

Logan does have a soft spot though; his daughter Claire. His beloved wife died shortly after she was born, and now she is all he has left. He and Claire are very close, and has his share of fascinating (and embarassing) stories to tell, much to his daughter's disagreement!

Logan is an imposing sight during battle as well. His ATAC is the legendary Crimson ATAC, feared for it's incredible strength, much like it's owner. Expect him to use Raging Heat a lot when you battle him.

Click here for a pic of Logan in anime form.

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