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Kamorge: Bastion's Father?
Country of Alignment Controllable?
No, but he'll help you out through a few missions!

Kamorge is Bastion's father (though we're not 100% on that), who has trained Bastion since birth to study the art of ATAC battle, to serve the Kingdom and battle the Empire. He is quite a warrior for an old man, and it's safe to say that Bastion learned a great deal of his technique from Kamorge's teachings.

Kamorge is a man of few words, and doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humour. However, he has a gentle and caring side, as he not only takes care of Bastion on his own, but also young Milea, a girl that he adopted after her parents were killed by the Empire. It's strange though; Kamorge and Bastion hardly seem blood related, and for some odd reason, the Empire is after Kamorge... but as usual, Kamorge is silent. You'd have an easier time trying to pry a lemon from Macc Maverick's hands than to get Kamorge to speak the truth.

Kamorge drives a crummy Barazaph ATAC, but don't be fooled; he begins the game on a much higher level than Bastion or anyone else on the battlefield. For that reason, DO NOT LET HIM GET ANY KILLS! He doesn't need the EXP!

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