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Madoc: ATAC "genius"?
Country of Alignment Controllable?

Funny looking he may be, Madoc is the chief ATAC engineer for the Junaris Empire. He has extremely skilled in piloting, repairing, and most of all, building and designing ATAC. Over the years, he has studied the excavated ATAC models, attempting to equal or better these powerful machines of the past, and has come up with some very effective ATAC, such as the mighty Solarus.

However, Madoc has lived a long, long life, and his thoughts and logic skills aren't what they used to be. His new ATAC designs are getting stranger and stranger, most of which never leave the drawing board. His newest creation, the Sharking, has been banned by the Imperial princess due to it's ability to kill enemy pilots. Hopefully, Madoc will never get to send it out to battle, but someone may have other plans...

You will battle Madoc but once, on the very, very last mission in the game. He pilots his sixty-ninth ATAC design, which despite its name and appearance, should be taken VERY seriously.

Click here for a pic of Madoc in anime form.

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