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Radcot: Eww....
Country of Alignment Controllable?

Radcot is the ugly, smelly, fat, disgusting leader of the Muspel Nation, and it's probably safe to say that he sits in his palace all day, with beautiful virgin maidens feed him grapes dipped in chocolate (and don't forget the lard! ) Radcot is constantly using guerilla tactics to wage war on the Kingdom (such as surprise attacking Avalon again and again, then running), mainly because Radcot is a poor ATAC pilot, and he has a small, poorly trained army. Radcot and his men fight well on their own turf though, so keep that in mind.

Radcot is rumoured to be seeking an alliance with the Empire, but his intentions are unknown. What is known is that his people are not too happy with him, and may be planning a revolt if things don't change for the better. Radcot had better get his act together.

Radcot was given the Bahamut ATAC when the excavated ATAC were divided among the leaders of the Continent. He doesn't deserve it, as he's clearly not good enough for it. However, since you'll fight him in the desert, he'll get an unfair advantage against you, so don't take him lightly; his soldiers are prone to swarming you!

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