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Franco: Advisor to the Princess
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on Empire Branch!

Franco is one of two advisors to the Imperial Princess, Sadira. Along with Halak, he follows the Princess on her pursuit to set things right within the Empire, but as Sadira's father figure (Degalle is much too busy for her), he tends to spoil her and leave the discipline to Halak. Franco is a kind gentleman, but tends not to talk about himself; therefore, there is not very much background information on him. Franco pilots the Korbelan ATAC, a neat little Sylpheed-like machine. You'll probably have to keep Franco in it for the whole game. He's not the greatest team member you'll come across, but his help is always appreciated. I suggest you set him up with a Wind elemental stone and allow him to use the Turbulence technique to wear down the enemies.

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