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Nana: Cute Widdle Girl!
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on Kingdom Branch

Nana wants to play. She really wants to play. The only thing she wants to do more than play is to explore the Continent. Nana is a cute little girl who lives in the harsh deserts of the Muspel Nation, and her only parent is her father, who is an ATAC pilot in the Muspel Army. Poor Nana is sick of the desert, and wants to see the trees, the snow, the ocean; ANYTHING but sand dunes!

Under certain circumstances, you'll run into Nana, and it's your choice if you want to bring her around. You don't have to show her the Continent until the end of the game, but you do have to endure her temper tantrums when you don't play when she wants to play! And if you don't play, she'll sic Kyu-Kyu on you!

It's a very good idea to take Nana along though; she'll always love you, and you'll have a much better chance of getting the good ending on the Kingdom branch. And, she pilots the powerful Bahamut ATAC. I'm not telling you how she gets it; that would be a big spoiler.

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