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Devlin: Barlow's "Special Friend"!
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on the Kingdom Branch

A fairly average young man, Devlin and his buddy Barlow meet Bastion and his crew early on in the story. Their caravan is attacked, and Devlin, Barlow and Andrew were the only three who survived the attack. Seeing as that Bastion saved Devlin's life, he agrees to follow him and repay the debt, battling the Empire and doing whatever Bastion wants to do.

Devlin is from Hibernia, and seems to have adopted the Hibernian view of the war; that both the Kingdom and Empire are corrupt. He lashes out at Bastion for his blind support for the Kingdom in a few scenes, and unfortunately, the two never seem to get along too well after that. You'll have to focus your attention on Devlin in order to keep him happy and get the good ending.

Devlin begins the game in the Hibernia-standard Ratatosk ATAC, which is good for moving through snowy plains, but not much else. This shriner suggests that you move Devlin into the Flaros or Serata ATAC, and equip him with Fire-elemental stones; you'll be able to use his Burning Soul attack, which is unique to him. Devlin is a powerful ally, just take good care of him; he can be a grouch sometimes, and that makes it harder to obtain the good Kingdom ending.

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