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Zakov: Incompetent Imperial Commander!
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Nope (would you really WANT to use him?!)

Zakov is perhaps the most pathetic man on the entire Continent. Serving the Empire for many years (though not doing anything right), Zakov is like Beetle Bailey; he'll never be promoted, but he'll never be discharged either! The Empire needs men like Zakov though; so that people like Faulkner and Madoc can take advantage of him and send him out to do the dirty work. Zakov has a tendency to take matters into his own hands and defy orders, though.

One thing about Zakov that always makes me laugh is his bizarre accent, an accent which I cannot name. It's like a mix of German, Swedish and Russian, and he pronounces "Faulkner" as "Fokker". Zakov secretly wishes to destroy Faulkner and inherit his position, but only after acquiring Madoc's ATAC designs (which he plans to get by sucking up to Madoc.)

Zakov will pilot various ATAC throughout the game, starting with the Einlager. You'll be beating him up a lot, but as the game progresses, he will become tougher and tougher to beat. You HAVE to take him seriously in the last battles, no matter what he looks or sounds like!

Click here for a pic of Zakov in anime form.

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