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Marquis Dionne Lehve: Ruler of Dionne Lehve
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on Kingdom Branch

Ruler of the country named after him, Dionne Lehve is the current Dionne Lehve in control of Dionne Lehve. Confused? Each ruler has the same name; Dionne Lehve, and it's been like that for years and years. This current Dionne Lehve has taken over after his father's legacy, and his country is sworn to protect the legendary and oh-so-valuable Gratia, the only stone suitable for the legendary Ultragunner ATAC.

Dionne sees a lot of potential in Bastion when they meet, and immediately befriends him, looking upon him as the son he never had. He's kind of like a mentor to Bastion, wise and experienced when Bastion is worried and downtrodden. Dionne also has a rarely seen chauvanistic side, which is a result of having worked with Andrew for so long!

Dionne pilots the incredible Roaring Lion ATAC, known for it's ridiculously large hammer and it's Bursting Fire attack. You don't need to teach him any abilities, because he joins your team late in the game, and he already has them all!

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