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Duke Zeira: Ruler of Avalon
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on Kingdom Branch and a bit of Ruin branch.

Born and raised on the prairie, Zeira rules the Avalon principality with a humble view of himself. Even though he is the ruler, he doesn't let it get to his head. He's kind to all of his subjects, and he is dedicated to helping the Kingdom make Eptina a better place. Zeira believes in hard work and lots of it.

Zeira is always there to try and help the Kingdom, but his military often has its hands full fighting off attacks from the nearbly Muspel nation. But he joins Bastion early into the game and stay with you for a while. You'll be getting acquainted with his inner circle of knights along the way as well; Reyna, Ione, Kaidul and Galvas.

Zeira pilots the centaur-esque Toreadore ATAC, which is legendary and exclusive only to him. As a computer controlled ally, he's kind of stupid and makes bad decisions in combat, but he's an excellent controllable character.

Click here for a pic of Zeira in anime form.

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