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Andrew: Infamous Sexist Pig/Ninja!
Country of Alignment Controllable?
Yes, on Kingdom Branch and Ruin branch.

The "infamous" Andrew, known throughout Eptina for his blinding speed in battle and his skill of attracting the ladies (well, at least the blonde ones!) The great Andrew-nator is a mercernary in service of the great Marquis Dionne-Lehve, and a fine mercernary indeed. And judging from his text in-game, it appears that Working Designs managed to sneak another saucy, potty-mouthed main character into one of their games. For shame! 8P

The good news is, Andrew has the skills to back up anything he might say. He's a DAMN good fighter who pilots the speedy Vedocorban ATAC, known for its incredible dodging ability and fast attacking capabilities. Once he joins up with you, you'll be taking down Imperials before they know what hits them! You can use Andrew on the Kingdom and Ruin Branches. Equip him with Wind elemental stones, and have him learn Second Attack and Somersault; he's great for dizzying opponents, and his Somersault is nothing to sneeze at.

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