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World of Balance

1) Intro - Narshe
2) Narshe - Figaro C.
3) Figaro Castle
4) South Figaro
5) Mt. Kolts
6) Returner Hideout
7a) Terra Scenario
7b) Locke Scenario
7c) Sabin Scenario
7d) Sabin Scenario cont.
8) Narshe
9) Figaro C. - Kohlingen
10) Jidoor - Zozo
11) Jidoor - Opera House
12) Imperial Continent
13) Magitek Factory
14) Terra's Past
Op) Mog
15) Cave to Sealed Gate
16) Vector
16a) Imperial Castle
16b) IC cont.
17) Kohlingen
18) Kohlingen cont.
19) Esper Caves
Op) Triangle Island
Op) Water Rondo
Op) Veldt
20) Floating Continent
21) FC cont.

World of Ruin

1) Solitary Island
2) Albrook - Tzen
3) Mobliz
4) Nikeah
4a) Figaro Castle
4b) Darill's Tomb
5) Mt. Zozo
6) Veldt Caves
7) Mobliz Returns
8) Owzer's House
9) Ebot's Rock
10) Narshe
11) Phoenix Cave
12) Cyan's Dream


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I Used to Have a Turtle

Welcome back to South Figaro. This town, as you can see, has been left relatively unscathed by Kefka's Light of Judgement.
Once again, you're probably going to want to head to the weapon and armor shops.
The only thing which will catch your eye is the Diamond Armor. Buy one for Celes.
When you're ready, go the upper level of the cafe/inn, and in the spare room you'll find Gerad. He doesn't appear to happy to see you again. Perhaps you should try showering?
He scidaddles outta town pretty quickly, but of course you won't leave him alone that easily. You're like glue you is.
Head out of town and you'll see a cave just to the southwest of town. Do I really have to tell you to go there?
If you were looking to fight and gain levels out here on the plains, think again. You don't get much in the way of experience from these enemies. You shouldn't need to gain any levels as it is. If you're desperate, level up with the enemies in the cave.
Upon entering the cave, you might see a vaguely familiar figure: "Sigfried". If you remember, he's the l00zar that you fought on the Phantom Train way back in the world of ruin. Of course, then his name was Zigfried. Well, Ted Woolsey wasn't too worried about stuff like "consistency". But we still love him.
This is the same cave you've been in a number of times now, so I won't tell you where to go. If you really don't remember, perhaps a lobotomy is in order.
You'll run into Gerad again in the room with the pool. This is perhaps the most absurd line in the entire game. "I used to have a turtle." Who the hell cares? Why did he say it? Does it have some sort of deeper philosophical meaning us philistines aren't capable of comprehending? Or perhaps it really is just absurd.
To get across, jump on the turtle when it swims in front of your path.
Unfortunately for you, the thieves have taken all the treasures from this path. Oh well, they were probably crap anyway. This is a one-way path folks.
Nevermind. This line is even more absurd. "On the hum, let's go"?!?!?!?! What does THAT mean? Sounds almost as bad as "Someone set up us the bomb".
And so you end up in the dungeon room of Figaro Castle. Gerad sure does seem oddly sympathetic.
The path through the castle is also a one-way path until you get to this room. First, grab the four treasure chests. Then, head in the door on the left.
This will lead you to a "Regal Crown", a nice helm equippable by Sabin and Edgar.
Now head back and take the central path. You'll quickly come across a boss, but lo and behold, Edgar finally reveals himself and joins your troupe to fight! This boss can be tricky as he likes to immobilize you and such your HP out. Use Air Blade with Sabin, the Drill or Chain Saw with Edgar, and attack with Celes. Heal often in this battle, as you never know when you will be immobilized.

Reccomended Level: 32

At least he's got the decency to explain himself to you.
The thieves get away with all the treasures but one, the "Soul Sabre", an interesting sword that drains MP from enemies.
...And so Figaro castle rises from the depths of hell yet again.
If you need to stock up on supplies or tools, make sure to list Edgar as the first guy in your party. You'll get a 50% discount!
Explore the castle if you want. Or don't. Nothing interesting happens here. So when you're ready, it's time to take a dive and head across the mountains to Kohlingen. Deja Vu?
HP: 22000 (combined) MP: 2600 (combined)
Special Weakness/Defence: --- Special Attacks: Seize

Item Checklist

Crystal Helmet (Chest)
Gravity Rod (Chest)
X-Potion (Chest)
Ether (Chest)
Regal Crown (Chest)
Soul Sabre (Statue)

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