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World of Balance

1) Intro - Narshe
2) Narshe - Figaro C.
3) Figaro Castle
4) South Figaro
5) Mt. Kolts
6) Returner Hideout
7a) Terra Scenario
7b) Locke Scenario
7c) Sabin Scenario
7d) Sabin Scenario cont.
8) Narshe
9) Figaro C. - Kohlingen
10) Jidoor - Zozo
11) Jidoor - Opera House
12) Imperial Continent
13) Magitek Factory
14) Terra's Past
Op) Mog
15) Cave to Sealed Gate
16) Vector
16a) Imperial Castle
16b) IC cont.
17) Kohlingen
18) Kohlingen cont.
19) Esper Caves
Op) Triangle Island
Op) Water Rondo
Op) Veldt
20) Floating Continent
21) FC cont.

World of Ruin

1) Solitary Island
2) Albrook - Tzen
3) Mobliz
4) Nikeah
4a) Figaro Castle
4b) Darill's Tomb
5) Mt. Zozo
6) Veldt Caves
7) Mobliz Returns
8) Owzer's House
9) Ebot's Rock
10) Narshe
11) Phoenix Cave
12) Cyan's Dream


Walkthrough | Boss

Gamblers and Bad Love Poetry

Before going on to the next part, make sure you give everyone in your group an esper. It's up to you who you give each esper to. Just remember that certain espers give level up stat advantages, so switch espers around as needed to maximize your stat gains.
Remember that town where there was nothing interesting to do? Well, it's time to go back there. You'll want to head back to the big house at the north of town. There, some guy will talk about how Celes is the "spittin' image" of Maria, whatever that means.
The impresario drops a letter behind that mentions a kidnapping of Maria by "The Wandering Gambler". Who could that be? Well, I have a feeling we'll find out.
But not until we get a Woolsey-ism. We haven't had one of them in a while, so I thought you might appreciate it.
Turns out this wandering gambler is a guy named Setzer, the owner of the world's only airship. Obviously he'll be joining your group soon, because no Final Fantasy is complete without the standard airship.
In case you haven't figured out the obvious yet, Locke is here to help you. If you can't take a ship to the empire, wings are your only hope.
Time to head to the opera house! I have to admit, this is probably the most original way of obtaining an airship the Final Fantasy team ever came up with. At least it doesn't have anything to do with crystals or some crap. Just head south from Jidoor a short distance and you'll come upon it. Make sure to save your game before the next part, cause you won't have the chance for the rest of the walkthrough.
Here at the opera house Locke will present his brilliant plan to the impresario, who is obsessed with having a good performance. I won't bother going into the plan in detail here, I think you can figure out.
Yes, another Woolsey-ism. This part of the game is just full of them. That's why we all know it and love it and cherish it close to our hearts. Or something. "Floozy"?
Of course, there is no way you're going to get ahold of that airship without going through a fight, and it looks like our favorite octopus is back to try and foil us. Don't worry about him for now. He won't come into play until later.
As Celes practices her lines, you get to see some of the wonderful opera being performed. It's not exactly a technological marvel these days, but back in 1994 we all enjoyed it.
After you see the introduction to the opera, Locke decides to go and see Celes before the play begins. If Sabin is in your party, you can enjoy his muscle-brained stupidity.
Head down to the room again. It appears Locke has never seen a purdy girl before.
You can read the lines to the script if you want, cause you're going to have to recite certain lines correctly in order to perform the opera. Or you can just look in the next box where I tell you the right lines.
There are three lines you have to answer correctly.
1) Oh My Hero
2) I'm the darkness
3) Must I...

After you do that, dance around with a prince a bit (just move in random directions, it doesn't really matter).

Then walk up the stairs to finish the scene.
While Locke was busy doing...uh...the thing he was doing, a mysterious letter appears behind him. I always wondered why the villians even give the heroes a chance to save the situation? Why doesn't Ultros just ruin the opera and not tell anyone? It boggles my little mind.
Not only that, but Ultros gives you a time limit on how long you have to save the opera. He must have done some complex physics equations in order to come to the solution that it will take 5 minutes to push the weight off.
First, go to the room on the right and hit the button all the way on the right.
Then run around to the left side to go up into the rafters. There are some easy rat enemies in here. Just use blitzes and tools to eliminate them.
When you get to Ultros, he'll push all of you off onto the stage where the Impresario comes and cries how the play is ruined. You'll end up fighting Ultros here again. Just use drill or chain saw on him, aura bolt or pummel, and he'll die very quickly.
Just when you think everything is okay again, Setzer comes and carries Celes off. For some reason the Impresario is happy.
Celes'll drop a rope down to our heroes so they can all get up into the airship. Setzer is obviously not too happy when he finds out he has been swindled.
He is still willing to strike a deal with you, however. If Celes becomes his wife, he'll allow you free reign on his airship. I won't ruin the fun of the next part for you. If you don't want to know the outcome, stop reading the walkthrough here.
In a brilliant display of wit, Celes uses a same-sided coin to guarantee her victory. Gotta love it.
And I'll leave you with one final Woolsey-ism. Wasn't that fun?
HP: 2550 MP: 500
Special Weakness/Defence: Fire / Lightning Special Attacks: Acid Rain, Tentacle

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