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This will be a detailed guide through the game. Well, different guides. One is the detailed one which is divided into several sections (for those who are too stupid to find all locations although my descriptions are brilliant are perfectionists and want to get all secrets etc.), the other "guide" can be found on the index page of every disc. It is meant for those who don't need any help with finding locations, just want to rush through the game, simply have a crappy connection or can't stand my extremely witty and intelligent comments. Choose wisely.

Disc 1

Quick walkthrough/ Disc overview
Getting started: Balamb Garden to Fire Cavern
SeeD pre- exam in the Fire cavern
Final exam in Dollet
Timber: Mission of the Forest Owls
Quick stop in Galbadia Garden
Deling City: meeting the president

Disc 2

Quick walkthrough/ Disc overview
Winhill and Galbadia Prison
Sabotaging the Missile Base
NORG, the master of disaster
Oasis of peace: Fisherman's Horizon
Back in Balamb
Trabia Garden to Edea's House
Showdown in Galbadia Garden

Disc 3

Quick walkthrough/ Disc overview
Edea's house and White SeeD Ship
Esthar, city of wonders
Interlude: The Lunatic Pandora
Space and its Ragnarok: Save Rinoa!
Lunatic Pandora, take two

Disc 4

Quick walkthrough/ Disc overview
Witch Adel and Time compression
Final Stage: Ultimecia's castle

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