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Here I will list the locations of all magazines- and the SeeD- Test answers. In order to be able to use the information in the magazines, you have to read them. Enjoy.

Pet Pals

Pet Pals contain information on tricks dogs can learn. If you read the magazine, Angelo (Rinoa's Limit Break) will learn new attacks. They all cost 1,000 gil by the way.

Number Location Attack
#1In the train on your way to Timber (Zell will give it to you) Angelo Strike
#2On Rinoa's bed (in the Forest Owl's train) after you talked to her Angelo Recover
#3Timber Pet Shop Invincible Moon
#4Timber Pet Shop Angelo Reverse
#5Fire CavernAngelo Search
#6Esthar Pet Shop Wishing Star


You need to read those to -now who would have thought of that- be able to upgrade your weapons.

Release Location
March Dollet Communication Tower (after the fight with Elvoret)
April In the dormitory (Squall's room) after the Seed- party and talking to Quistis
May During the parade in the Deling City sewers.
June In the Missile base after beating BGH521F2.
July In the training hall after the fight between the gardens.
August In Trabia garden, below the fountain at the bottom of the screen. Hard to find, because half of it is not in the screen anymore.
Special Edition In Dr. Odine's Lab in Esthar.

Combat King

Read these to make Zell learn more Combos for his Limit Break.

Release Location
001 Desert prison, second floor, the door at the back.
002 After the fight with rai-Jin in Balamb Garden.
003 The girl in the hotel in Balamb (you have to have Zell in your party). Talk to her, then to Zell's mother, then go back to the hotel and spend the night there.
004 Talk to the soldier in Esthar (Lunatic Pandora) with the attack time 20:00 minutes.
005 Lunatic pandora, near the elevator.

Occult Fan

You don't have to get them, but they contain hints about some subquests.

Release Location
I Check the bookshelves in the garden library.
II In the pub in Dollet. Play cards against the barkeeper in the pub.
III Talk to the master fisherman in FH as soon as you arrive.
IV In Esthar palace (the presidential Aide) next to the door to the meeting room.

Timber Maniacs

You don't need these to beat the game either. They include articles Laguna wrote during his time as a journalist. Once you found them, you can read them at your computer (in the class room).

BalambIn the Inn. Go to the room, it's on the table near the save point
DolletThe Casino card table on the second floor.
DolletIn the hotel room
TimberHotel room, on the table.
Deling CityIn Galbadia hotel under the bed in the center.
TimberOn a pile of magazines in the "Timber Maniacs" in the Editorial Department
Shumi VillageNear the sculptor on his bed
Trabia GardenOn a grave in the cemetary (I wonder who lost that there o_o;)
Fisherman's HorizonIn the hotel room, by the bookcase
Fisherman's HorizonNear a railroad, Grease Monkey's house near the wall
Edea's houseAfter Edea went to the beach; on the ground.
White SeeD ShipOn the top deck floor

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