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And that's all that is left of him now. Stay away from Malboros, kids!

Devour List

The "Devour"- command can be a very useful ability... if you know how to handle this power correctly, my son! The GF Eden knows "Devour", but he is not easy for you to get. You can also earn a "Hungry cooking Pot" by modifying the PuPu- card (see the Sidequest and Triple Triad pages for more information) which you can give to any GF to make it learn the "Devour"- ability.
Devouring enemies raises your stats permanently (!), heals your characters- and more. Depending on the enemy, you can also get poisoned or receive other negative effects. Like Quezacotl's "Card"- command, "Devour" has a higher chance of working when the enemy is low on HP. All enemies that permanently raise your stats are marked in bold so you can find them faster. Now happy eating and Bon Appetit!
Note: You can not devour bosses.

The List

Enemy Effect
Abyss Worm Recovers all HP
Adamantoise Lv.<30: Recovers all HP and status, Lv.>30: Vitality +1
Anacondaur Small damage, poisons character
Armadodo Recovers all HP
Behemoth Lv.<40: Recovers all HP, Lv.>40: Magic +1
Belhelmel Small damage, darkens character
Bite Bug Recovers some HP
Blobra Recovers all HP and status
Blood Soul Small damage, poisons character
Blue Dragon Recovers all HP and status
Bomb High damage, random status effect
Buel Recovers some HP
Cactuar Lv.<20: Recovers some HP, Lv.<30: Recovers all HP, Lv.>30: Recovers all HP and status
Caterchipillar Recovers some HP
Chimera Recovers all HP and status
Cockatrice Lv.<30: Petrifies character, Lv.>30:Recovers all HP
Death Claw Recovers all HP
Elastoid Lv.>30:Recovers all HP
Elite Soldier Recovers some HP
Esthar Soldier 1 Recovers some HP
Esthar Soldier 2 Recovers some HP
Fastitocalon Recovers all HP
Fastitocalon- F Recovers all HP
Forbidden Small damage, zombifies character
Funguar Lv.<20: Small damage, darkens character, Lv.>20: Small damage, poisons character
G- Soldier Recovers some HP
Gayla Recovers all HP
Geezard Small Damage, poisons character
Gesper Recovers some HP
GIM47N Lv.>30: Small damage, poisons character
GIM52A Lv.>30: Small damage, poisons character
Glacial Eye Recovers some HP
Grand Mantis Recovers all HP
Grat Small damage, poisons character
Grendel Recovers all HP
Guard Recovers some HP
Hexadragon Recovers all HP
Imp Recovers some HP
Iron Giant N/A
Jelleye Recovers some HP
Malboro Lv.<20: High damage, random status change, Lv.>30: Spirit +1
Mesmerize Recovers all HP
Ochu Medium damage, poisons character
Paratrooper Recovers some HP
PuPu Lv.<20: N/A, Lv.<30: Medium damage, poisons character, Lv.>30: Speed +1
Red Bat Recovers some HP
Rinoa Lv.<30; Recovers all HP, Lv.>30: Maximum HP +10
Ruby dragon Lv.<30; Recovers all HP, Lv.>30: Maximum HP +10
SAM08G Recovers all HP
Snow Lion Recovers all HP
Thrustaevis Recovers some HP
Tonberry Recovers all HP and status
Torama Recovers all HP and status
T-Rexaur Lv.<20: Recovers some HP, Lv.>20: Strength +1
Tri- Face Small to large damage, random status change
Turtapod Recovers all HP
Wendigo Recovers some HP

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