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'Hey, thanks man!'

Thanks and Credits

This section: absolutely necessary! There are some people I definitely have to thank and mention for the making of this shrine.


The original shrine was made by Tec. Thank you for letting me do a complete revamp! I can assure you I didn't steal any of your info. In fact, the first thing I did was delete the shrine entirely and start from scratch. <.< Anyway, thanks for the ok on that.


..and Cidolfas who allowed me to revamp the shrine and gave me the final green light to continue. Also on this place, everyone who handled the join pages and shrine- mailing so far and had inifinite patience me for not finishing the shrine for.. yes, several years. Those are, in chronological order (I think) Cidolfas, Hiryuu, DaltonOfZeal, ClessAlvein. I got to fear shrine mails like no other e-mail ever before. xO

Anyone else who shooed me.

Which was quite useful! Most of the time. The threats ranged from "I'll never talk to you again until you finished this shrine!" over "I'll ban you from all irc- chans until you finished the monster page!" to "I'll call your mother and make sure she won't give you food again until you answered this goddamn shrine mail!" Seriously, when I said "remind me to shrine now and then" I didn't mean you to be THAT strict, but thanks, guys. It helped in the end, I think. :P


HUGE thank you at this point, I used a lot of data from your monster database for... well, MY monster database. It would have never been this detailed and pretty without your insane monster list. Thank you!


Square/ Enix, Square EA, plain Square, whatever the hell you're called; here the official credit: Final Fantasy 8 is copyrighted by Square 1999. There. Thanks for making this game! .. I suppose.

DerKaiser, for some of the goodies he provided to this shrine. :D And also, just as importantly, for the countless questions I pestered him with. "What does a Hi- Potion cost again?" "Where's the Timber maniacs in the stupid Desert prison?" "What the HELL does Quistis' White Wind do aga-- ah, right o.o" ... you get the picture. Thanks Kaiser! ^^


Yes, damn straight! I deserve some credit here! xO Okay, admitted, there were some periods I was absolutely lazy and I did no work whatsoever. But then again, we all know those times! And in the end this shrine got finished, no? And there's a whole damn lot of work in it, hours and hours of hard work and cursing over MS Paint, windows, various ftp- clients which shall go unmentioned and so on and so forth. So you better damn appreciate it! *shakes fist* And if I ever catch anyone stealing my wonderful paint- maps or anything else here for that matter, he will die a slow and painful death.
One more thing: after coding the monster pages and items page, I think I will never be ble to quote tables again. Ever. I can't see them anymore. x_x
(This shrine was made with countless cans of coke to stay awake, candy bars, probably over 10 kilograms of licorice and with the friendly help of Winamp, mIRC and MSN messenger who never ceased to distract me. <3 )

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